October was another success for PIFBS! Here’s a recap of the month.

Golan’s Bar Mitzvah Project

Golan completed a bar mitzvah project that raised close to $1,000! He also donated equipment to PIFBS. Golan loves baseball and wants others to feel the same joy he does being on a team. This will definitely load the bases for more kids to score. Way to go, Golan!

Catching Impactful Donations

PIFBS continues to change kids’ lives one donation at a time. The High Desert Little League in Phoenix, AZ, has struggled to find kids who want to be a catcher. Part of the reason was that they didn’t have the equipment to play. Not anymore. Upon receiving an equipment grant from PIFBS, more kids are trying on catcher’s mitts and are excited to play the game they love!

Happy Birthday, Michael Moran

On October 9th, our witty, Yankee-loving Director of Strategic Partnerships celebrated another birthday! Thank you for everything you do, Michael! We hope your birthday was as awesome as Bill Murray’s entire filmography.

Volunteering Citizens

Kids in Puerto Rico benefited greatly from the generous volunteer work of nine Citizens Bank employees. They took the time to pack 50 baseball and softball kits. A big thanks to these kind citizens for ensuring that more children will have a chance to play ball!

UPenn Softball Donation

Thanks to the University of Pennsylvania softball team for donating bats, helmets, pads, and other equipment to PIFBS. Through their support, softball will be accessible to more young people who want to get out there and play!

Panama Plays Ball

Jump back! What’s that sound? It’s the sound of PIFBS supporting programs in twelve provinces throughout Panama! We are proud to say we helped over 14,000 kids take the mound thanks to nearly $1.5 million in donated equipment. Over 20 leagues came together, and the sound of excitement throughout the Rod Carew National Stadium is something we’ll never forget!

Happy Birthday, Tony DelGrosso

Did you know that our Warehouse and Inventory Manager’s favorite baseball player is Shane Victorino? Or that his favorite movies are The Sandlot and Goodfellas? Well, now you know. More importantly, Tony celebrated his birthday on October 24th! Sorry that the Phillies didn’t make it to the World Series. But just like birthdays, there’s always next year!