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Starting a Collection Project? We’ll Help You Help Kids Play Ball.

If you love baseball or softball and are looking to give back, we’re here to help make your Equipment Collection project a success.

Each year, 100+ kids collect equipment and raise funds on PIFBS’ behalf for school service learning, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, Eagle Scout projects, Girls Scout projects, and more. When you do a collection project, you’re giving more kids around the world the chance to enjoy the benefits of this great game.

Mitzvah Projects and Service Projects

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Mitzvah Projects

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball has had great success working with Bar and Bat Mitzvah students for their Mitzvah projects. With your Mitzvah project, you can give back to the community by sharing your love for baseball/softball with children around the globe.  If you have a love for the sport and want to give back to the community, then join our team!

Each year, PIFBS also makes a donation of baseball and softball equipment to Israel. We work with the Israel Association of Baseball (IAB) who communicates their equipment needs to us.

If the equipment you collect meets the needs of IAB, we are happy to put some of your donation aside for IAB to choose from.PIFBS can also list your project on the Mitzvah Market website.

Interested in more information?

If you are interested in learning more about how to support PIFBS for your Mitzvah Project, learn more here.

Collection Projects
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 Collection Projects

For all service learning and equipment collection projects, PIFBS is happy to provide a letter confirming the completion of your project.

Whether your project is for Eagle Scouts, Girl Scouts, school service learning, church project, or you’re simply looking to give back, PIFBS would love to work with you!

Parents – these projects are a great way to get your children involved in charitable efforts by connecting them with a cause they care about!

Banners & Raffles Items

We also have a limited number of banners (measuring 8′ x 3′) to loan for collection events as well as PIFBS branded items for raffle baskets.

If you would like to raffle off PIFBS Items as a part of your fundraiser, we are happy to send you some PIFBS goodies to include in your basket. These items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Rubber Bracelets
  • Tote bags

All items/sizes are provided on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee the availability of items or sizes

Banners are available to loan on a first come, first serve basis. Equipment collection projects are run year round and banners are provided to anyone running a drive who requests one. Therefore, we cannot guarantee banners will be in stock upon request.

When requesting a banner, you will be asked to provide your credit card information. Banner requests require a deposit of $50 up front, which will be refunded upon returning your banner on time.

If you have questions, want to brainstorm new ideas, or to request raffle basket items and/or banner, contact info@pifbs.org. We’re here to help!


Tips for making your Equipment Collection or Fundraiser an even bigger success:

  • Customize & print posters to display for your collection.
  • Customize and email flyers to friends and family.
  • Ask local baseball and softball teams, coaches, and leagues to participate. Many teams clean out equipment sheds once a year and are more than willing to help.
  • Partner with elementary and middle schools to increase awareness. Ask to put collection bins at the school and have your event included in announcements.
  • Contact sporting goods stores for donations. Many will contribute both money, equipment and/or gift cards for raffles, as PIFBS is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
  • Ask for donations of $1 or more to help cover costs related to getting gear to PIFBS, including shipping costs (if applicable).
  • Set up a fundraising page and email or share your page with friends and family.
  • Ask local businesses to donate money and/or gift cards or merchandise that can be used for raffles.
  • Post about your project on social media. Tag us @PIFBS on Twitter/Instagram or Pitch In For Baseball & Softball on Facebook and we’ll share!


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