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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I request an equipment grant?

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball provides grants of equipment to eligible groups – these include any league, school, or community-based organization that serves economically disadvantaged children (18 and under). Review our Grant Process Guidelines and submit your application.

Do you provide equipment to individuals?

Unfortunately, not at this time. PIFBS provides equipment to leagues and teams all over the world who serve economically disadvantaged children; we can not accept applications from individuals.

Can my program receive equipment grants more than once?

Approved programs are eligible for one donation per year. As long as your program has completed all impact reporting from previous years, you can be eligible for future assistance.

How much of your equipment goes to international recipients?

PIFBS now averages 600+ projects per year. Of those projects, roughly 15% are international. We would love to do more internationally, but high shipping costs and taxes make it cost prohibitive. PIFBS welcomes any ideas to help with this!

What is the turnaround time for an equipment grant?

All applicants within the U.S. are encouraged to apply at least 8 weeks prior to when you will need the equipment. For international recipients, the time to deliver the equipment is determined by your ability to help resolve the shipping logistics. Your responsiveness makes the process easier and faster!

Do you provide monetary grants or sponsorships?

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball focuses on donating equipment to leagues around the world. Unfortunately, we do not make monetary donations to leagues. Oftentimes, leagues who receive an equipment grant from us are able to redirect funds that would have been spent on equipment to cover umpire fees, bus fees, field improvements, etc.

Where does the equipment come from?

PIFBS helps nearly 100,000 kids annually, and the demand outweighs the supply. PIFBS is grateful for the 200+ baseball and softball fans collect equipment on our behalf. PIFBS uses donor dollars to purchase equipment in order to fill the gaps.

What type of responsibilities are expected from equipment grant recipients?

We ask that all equipment grant recipients:

  • Cover the cost of shipping up front
  • Provide PIFBS with stories and photos showing the impact of the donation on individual children
  • Complete your impact report on time
Does it cost anything to receive equipment?

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball provides your equipment free of charge, but we do ask that all recipients cover the costs of shipping up front. Once equipment is packed, PIFBS will provide an exact shipping charge. International recipients will also need to cover custom/duty charges once the equipment arrives in your country, if applicable.