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Helping kids play ball since 2005!

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization on September 19, 2005. Our mission is to reduce barriers to play and promote positive youth development by providing equipment directly to leagues, schools, and organizations to start, continue, or expand their baseball and softball programs.

School-Based Programs

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School-Based Programs

Since 2008, our School-Based Program has helped schools continue or expand their baseball and softball programs and stretch their limited budgets. Kids who participate in these programs have been shown to increase their attendance and GPA as a result of playing ball.

PIFBS currently offers School-Based programs in Philadelphia, Northern Kentucky, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Chicago.

Domestic & International Grants

PIFBS has an application process for both domestic and international grant requests. Domestically, PIFBS gets new and gently used gear to baseball and softball programs to increase youth participation in under-resourced communities.

Internationally, PIFBS sends gear to many countries where interest in the game is growing rapidly, but access to baseball and softball equipment is limited. We help communities establish baseball and softball programs by sending them the gear they need.

Disaster Relief

In times of tragedy, baseball and softball can help to restore a sense of normalcy for children amidst the chaos. We have helped dozens of communities around the globe recover, at no cost to them, following hurricanes, tornados, or other catastrophic events.

These projects have taken place in New York and New Jersey; Joplin, Missouri; the Gulf Coast region; Japan; Houston, Texas; West Virginia; Louisiana; Puerto Rico; and the Caribbean Islands.

Targeted Programs

PIFBS works with partners to identify communities of interest and scope of project. PIFBS manages all components from program development to measuring impact based on partners’ charitable interests. 

Some current partners include MLB, Little League, the MLB/MLB-PA Youth Development Foundation, and Wilson Sporting Goods.

The winner of the 2022 PIFBS Baseball Ambassador Award is Zack Hample! Zack donated proceeds to PIFBS from his new movie Zack Hample vs. The World. Zack also helped raise over $1,000 by donating a Watch a Game with Zack Experience for our Online Auction! ⁠
Congratulations to Zack and thank you for your support!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the PIFBS Equipment Grantee MVP is Saddle Brook Girls Softball! Their impact stories after receiving a PIFBS equipment grant highlight the power that sports have in terms of youth development. ⁠
A family had recently moved from Europe and their daughter was trying softball for the first time. Through an equipment grant donation from PIFBS, she was able to become comfortable learning the sport and her position. Over time, she made friends and even made the league’s All-Star game! ⁠

Congratulations Saddle Brook Girls Softball and thank you for providing an opportunity for girls to play softball in your community!

On National Girls & Women In Sports Day, we are proud to highlight the winner of the 2022 PIFBS Youth Service MVP is Julia Shearer!⁠
After winning Gatorade Player of the Year, Julia selected PIFBS to receive the $1,000 Gatorade Play It Forward grant! In honor of her winning, the Shearer family donated an additional $500 to help kids play ball!⁠

Congratulations to Julia and thank you for your support!

The winner of the 2022 PIFBS Youth Service MVP is Matt Atchley!⁠
Through his second project with PIFBS, Matt donated over 100 pieces of equipment, spread awareness of PIFBS through local media companies, and even initiated a corporate donation from Target to PIFBS!⁠

Congratulations to Matt and thank you for your support!

The winner of the 2022 PIFBS Equipment Donor MVP is Marucci!⁠
Marucci donated over 260 fastpitch bats and other various equipment at a value of over $60,000! ⁠
Softball gear is expensive. Thanks to their donation, we are able to remove equipment as the barrier to play and provide the opportunity for more girls to play softball.⁠

Congratulations to Marucci and thank you for your support!

Philadelphia Adult League Softball (PALS) are the winners of the 2022 PIFBS Organization MVP Award! This award recognizes an organization that played an integral part in helping kids remain on the field.⁠
Last year, PALS received a PIFBS equipment grant to help introduce over 300 kids to softball in Sierra Leone for the first time. ⁠
Through their 2nd Annual Philly Cheesesteak Classic, PALS also raised over $1,800 for PIFBS!⁠
Congratulations to PALS and thank you for your support!

The Cleveland Guardians are the winners of the 2022 PIFBS Rookie of the Year Award! This award is given to recognize a first-time donor, grantee, partner, or ambassador that played an integral part to helping kids remain on the field.⁠
In partnership with the Cleveland Guardians, we distributed gear valued at over $86,000 to the City of Cleveland Department and Recreation. ⁠
We also teamed up with Guardians players Jose Ramirez and Oscar Gonzalez to help donate equipment to hundreds of kids in the Dominican Republic. ⁠

Congratulations to the Cleveland Guardians and thank you for your support!

When Adam isn't cheering on the Oakland A's, he's likely playing baseball. He has been playing since he was four years old and it's his favorite sport to play. ⁠
Adam has picked PIFBS as the beneficiary of his bar mitzvah project this year. For his bar mitzvah project, he would like to provide “tikkun olam” through the game of baseball. Thank you for your support, Adam!⁠

You can Register Your Project today at the link in our bio. ⁠

Thank you to all our donors, grantees, partners, and ambassadors for supporting PIFBS during a record-breaking year in 2022! ...


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400+ Projects Per Year


111,416 Pieces of equipment donated in 2021


60% of equipment comes from donors

1 MILLION Kids Served

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Pitch In For Baseball & Softball® (PIFBS) provides new and gently used baseball and softball equipment to boys and girls in the United States and around the world who want to play ball but lack the equipment to do so. Donate today, and help support youth development through baseball and softball.