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Helping kids play ball since 2005!

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization on September 19, 2005. Our mission is to reduce barriers to play and promote positive youth development by providing equipment directly to leagues, schools, and organizations to start, continue, or expand their baseball and softball programs.

School-Based Programs

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School-Based Programs

Since 2008, our School-Based Program has helped schools continue or expand their baseball and softball programs and stretch their limited budgets. Kids who participate in these programs have been shown to increase their attendance and GPA as a result of playing ball.

PIFBS currently offers School-Based programs in Philadelphia, Northern Kentucky, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Chicago.

Domestic & International Grants

PIFBS has an application process for both domestic and international grant requests. Domestically, PIFBS gets new and gently used gear to baseball and softball programs to increase youth participation in under-resourced communities.

Internationally, PIFBS sends gear to many countries where interest in the game is growing rapidly, but access to baseball and softball equipment is limited. We help communities establish baseball and softball programs by sending them the gear they need.

Disaster Relief

In times of tragedy, baseball and softball can help to restore a sense of normalcy for children amidst the chaos. We have helped dozens of communities around the globe recover, at no cost to them, following hurricanes, tornados, or other catastrophic events.

These projects have taken place in New York and New Jersey; Joplin, Missouri; the Gulf Coast region; Japan; Houston, Texas; West Virginia; Louisiana; Puerto Rico; and the Caribbean Islands.

Targeted Programs

PIFBS works with partners to identify communities of interest and scope of project. PIFBS manages all components from program development to measuring impact based on partners’ charitable interests. 

Some current partners include MLB, Little League, the MLB/MLB-PA Youth Development Foundation, and Wilson Sporting Goods.

"In a world where dreams are within reach, and the field is open to every child, that`s the future we`re building with Pitch In For Baseball. 🌟 Thanks to heroes like Juan Namnum, phrases like `I can’t play because I don’t have the equipment` are becoming a thing of the past. Together, we`re ensuring that every kid can step onto the field with confidence, a glove in hand, and a heart full of dreams. 💫 Your support makes all the difference. Join us in creating a world where every child gets to play, learn, and grow. 🏈⚾️⚽️ #HeartOfTheGame #EveryChildCanPlay #PIFBS"⁠


From a small town in the Dominican Republic to the Major Leagues, Luis` story with us began in 2012 with a simple baseball glove and a big dream. Fast forward to 2021, he`s now part of the Minnesota Twins! 🌟⚾ This is what happens when community support meets passion. Let`s keep nurturing dreams together. Your support can change lives! #DreamBig #CommunitySupport #PIFBS #FromDreamsToReality⁠


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HEY BANANA FANS! Want a chance to snag FOUR VIB (Very Important Banana) tickets to an unforgettable Savannah Bananas game on September 21st at Citizens Bank Park? 🍌💥⁠

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Here`s How to Enter:⁠
1️⃣ Head over to PIFBS Project Registration and sign up.⁠
2️⃣ Tick "Yes" when asked if you`re planning a fundraiser.⁠
3️⃣ Follow the email instructions from PIFBS to get your fundraiser page going.⁠
4️⃣ Spread the word and collect donations!⁠

The top fundraiser wins the tickets! Simple, right? Don`t miss out – start today! If you`re already fundraising with PIFBS, you`re in the running. ⁠
Ready to win and support a great cause? #GoBananas for baseball and softball! 🍌🏆⁠


Happy Mother`s Day to all the wonderful moms out there, shining bright in their roles and especially to the baseball moms who bring so much energy and love to the field. 🌼⚾ Your dedication is the true spirit behind every game, shaping the champions of tomorrow. Today, we celebrate you, for every game attended, every uniform washed, and every heart lifted. You are making an incredible difference. 💖 #MothersDay #BaseballMoms #HeartOfTheGame ...

✨ Bringing the Game to Every Child, One Glove at a Time! ✨🌍⁠

Did you know a love for baseball and softball is universal, but access isn`t? Meredith Kim hits home with the truth: "Pitch In For Baseball & Softball is a non-profit organization that exists to remove equipment as the barrier to play. Bats, helmets, catcher`s gear, equipment bags, gloves, baseballs, and softballs pile up financially. Then, factor in registration fees and transportation, and suddenly, a simple game isn`t so simple for every family." Our mission is crystal clear - make sure that all kids, regardless of their economic background, have the chance to play, to learn, and to grow through sports. 🥎⚾⁠

Recycling gently used equipment and distributing it globally, we`ve empowered 1.7 million young athletes in the US and 117 countries to step onto the field and dream without barriers. We stand as the sole organization dedicated to ensuring the circle of play and equipment finds new life in aspiring hands. Your support can spark endless possibilities.⁠
Join our mission. Together, we can pitch in for dreams, diversity, and diamond fields everywhere! 🌟💙⁠

#NoChildLeftOnTheBench #PitchInForBaseballSoftball #GlobalPlay #EquipTheDream⁠


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In 2015, Leonardo found more than a game in Boca Chica`s dusty fields - he found hope, purpose, and a supportive community. ⚾️✨ #TransformationTuesday⁠

Leonardo`s journey is not just about overcoming challenges; it`s proof of how love, support, and baseball can change lives. Every swing and pitch brought him closer to his dreams and inspired others. 🌟⁠

Since 2015, we`ve made progress, but our mission continues. Every child deserves a chance to play, belong, and thrive. With your support, we can reach more kids, changing lives and sparking dreams. 🙌 #JoinTheMission⁠
Your support turns a simple game into a life-changing chance for kids like Leonardo worldwide. 🌍 Be part of their story. Donate now https://pifbs.org/impact-stories/leonardo-ened-foundation/ and spread the joy and hope of playing ball. Together, we can ensure every child finds their place, passion, and purpose. ⚾️💫 #HopeThroughBaseball #BeTheChange #CommunityLove⁠

Donate and learn about our impact.

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 We just dropped a brand-new video that takes you behind the scenes of how Pitch In For Baseball & Softball (PIFBS) is making dreams come true for 1.7 million kids around the globe! 🌍⚾💙⁠

From the USA to 117 countries worldwide, our mission is to ensure every child has the chance to hit the field with pride. 🏏💫 Whether you’re a longtime supporter or new to our family, this video will show you the incredible impact of your generosity and how together, we`re changing lives one glove, one bat, one ball at a time. 🧤🏏⚽⁠

Click the link in our bio to watch now! 🎥✨⁠

And remember, it’s more than just a game. It’s smiles, it’s hope, it’s community. ⚾❤️💪 #PlayItForward and join us in our mission by sharing this video, donating, or volunteering. Every pitch in counts! ⚾️❤️✨⁠

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🌟 National Superhero Day is here! 🌟⁠

Today, we celebrate the everyday superheroes who make a difference in children`s lives. At PIFBS, our donors are the true superheroes, empowering kids to play, learn, and grow through the gift of sports equipment. 💪⁠

🎉 Join us in honoring these incredible individuals who are changing the game for children around the world! Whether you donate equipment, funds, or your time, you`re a superhero in our eyes.⁠

💙 Be a hero for children today! Your support makes all the difference. Click the link in our bio to learn more about how you can make an impact.⁠

Together, let`s continue to create brighter futures for our youth. Thank you for being a superhero with PIFBS! 🌟 #NationalSuperheroDay #PIFBS #BeAHeroForKids

🌟 Join Us in Celebrating Lauren`s Birthday! 🌟⁠

🎉🎂 Let`s spread some birthday cheer as we celebrate Lauren, our amazing Program & Office Coordinator at PIFBS! 🎉🎂⁠

🌟 About Lauren: With her dedication and passion, Lauren plays a pivotal role in our mission to promote positive youth development through the gift of play. As our Program & Office Coordinator, she ensures smooth operations and brings joy to our team every day.⁠

🦋 Favorite Quote: "It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world." - Chaos Theory⁠

✨ Lauren, your impact resonates far beyond what meets the eye, just like the flutter of a butterfly`s wing. Your hard work and positivity create ripples of change in the lives of children worldwide. ✨⁠

🎈 Join us in wishing Lauren the happiest of birthdays! 🎈Drop your birthday wishes in the comments below and let`s make her day extra special! 🎉🎁⁠

#HappyBirthday #TeamAppreciation #PIFBS #SpreadJoy #YouthDevelopment #CelebrateLauren

🕒 It`s Throwback Thursday! Today, we`re revisiting a powerful impact story from 2014, showcasing the transformative power of baseball in the lives of young athletes.⚾✨⁠

Joshua was a quiet and reserved teen who found his path through the diamond. Struggling in school and caught up with the wrong crowd, baseball became his beacon of hope. 🌟⁠

Baseball wasn`t just a game for Joshua—it became his motivation to excel in school and in life. After four years in the program, he went on to play baseball for Coahoma Community College. Grateful for his beginnings, Joshua returned to Coahoma County Youth Outreach as a coach and mentor to the kids. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of sports. 💪⁠

Stories like Joshua`s inspire us to continue our mission of making baseball accessible to all. 💙⚾
#ThrowbackThursday #PIFBS #BaseballForGood

🎉 A huge THANK YOU to @Tupelogoods! 🎉⁠

Tupelo Goods has generously donated 1,400 base sets, valued at over $42,000 to Pitch In For Baseball & Softball! Their massive donation will make a lasting impact for baseball and softball players this year. ⚾🥎

📢 Last Call! Less than 1 week left until the PIFBS Phillies Event! ⚾✨ Don`t miss out on this electrifying night of baseball and philanthropy!⁠

🎟️ Secure your tickets now to support youth baseball and softball before it is too late! Ticket sales end at Midnight on Wednesday April 17th🌟⁠

🌟 Mark your calendars:⁠
📅 Date: April 20th, 2024⁠
🕒 Time: 6:05 PM⁠
📍 Location: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia⁠
💺⁠ Seats: Scoreboard section (sections 242-244)⁠

🎟️ Tickets: $45⁠

For tickets and more information, click the link in our bio. Don`t miss your final chance to be a part of this extraordinary event!⁠

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🎉 Today, we celebrate the enduring legacy of Jackie Robinson, a pioneer who broke the color barrier in baseball and championed equality on and off the field. His courage paved the way for countless athletes to follow their dreams, regardless of race. #JackieRobinsonDay #Equality #Baseball⁠

At Pitch In For Baseball & Softball, we honor Jackie Robinson`s vision by breaking down barriers to the game. We provide equipment to underprivileged children, ensuring every kid has the chance to play ball and build character. Join us in leveling the playing field! #PIFBS #PlayBall⁠

Together with partners like MLB RBI and others, we`re making a difference in communities worldwide. Let`s continue Jackie Robinson`s legacy by promoting diversity, inclusion, and the joy of baseball and softball for all. 🌟⚾🥎⁠

📢 Less than 2 weeks until the PIFBS Phillies Night!⁠
📆 Don`t miss out on this fun night of baseball for a cause! ⚾✨⁠

🎟️ Get your tickets now and join us at Citizens Bank Park on April 20th, 2024, at 6:05 PM for an evening of excitement and philanthropy! 💫 Help children #playball while enjoying America`s favorite pastime! 🌟⁠

🌟 Mark your calendars:⁠
📅 Date: April 20th, 2024⁠
🕒 Time: 6:05 PM⁠
📍 Location: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia⁠
💺⁠ Seats: Scoreboard section (sections 242-244)⁠

🎟️ Tickets: $45⁠

For tickets and more information, click the link in our bio. ⁠


112 Countries


4,100 Programs Helped


400+ Projects Per Year


111,416 Pieces of equipment donated in 2021


60% of equipment comes from donors

1 MILLION Kids Served

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Help kids around the world play ball!

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball® (PIFBS) provides new and gently used baseball and softball equipment to boys and girls in the United States and around the world who want to play ball but lack the equipment to do so. Donate today, and help support youth development through baseball and softball.