Patrick F.

“Sports have taught us so many important lessons from a young age that will hopefully brace us for challenges beyond baseball…leadership skills, battling adversity, overcoming obstacles, and handling ourselves under pressure.”

– Patrick F. — High school student and PIFBS donor

How your donations are making a difference.

“It brings the community together, but it also teaches those kids who play the game really critical life skills that they can carry with them forever.”

Dave St. Peter

Minnesota Twins President

“Some of our students come from troubled backgrounds and playing sports allowed the students the opportunity to stay engaged in positive activities rather than self destructive ones. (Sports) helped our students gain better communication skills and learn to work together in a team effort. It re-engaged them in academic activities as well.”

Brittany Alexander

A. D., Clara Barton Open School

“This absolutely amazing donation impacted our ENTIRE league, across all divisions. We were able to have our players in safer equipment that we otherwise would not have been able to afford. Parents who were nervous about the financial commitment to playing were able to sign up knowing that we had the sporting goods available for their children to play safely with their teams!”

Jenilee Tedesco

President, East Hartford Little League

“The program itself saw an increase in morale. The participants were able to enjoy the game more without worry of worn down, damaged, or improperly sized equipment. As the program director and long time program coach, it was overwhelming to see the joy this donation brought to our participants.”

Shelby Hunter

Director, North Little Rock Police Athletic League

“In softball, if you fail seven out of 10 times, you had a very successful performance. Being able to learn and grow after your failures is what makes you an even better player both on and off the field. Softball has also taught me the importance of teamwork and communicating with others so that your team can perform better together.”

Katie M.

Softball Player & PIFBS Donor

“I’d say our kids have multiple challenges as it pertains to attendance and just their normal way of life…the donations have gone a long way in supporting kids’ involvement in baseball and softball programs, but also empowering our kids inside the school.”

John Seman

Athletic Director, ASPIRA Schools

“We want to thank PIFBS and MLB RBI for the donation. Without their support, we would have not been able to start RBI Panama. The Pandemic hit Panama’s economy really hard and the equipment donation helped us with the operating cost. Because of the equipment donation, we were able to register a lot of new players and returning players so that they could participate in the RBI Panama Program.”

Bruce Chen

Former MLB pitcher, Dir. of RBI Panama

“Because of the donation, Pitch In For Baseball & Softball has had an immediate impact in the neighborhood with activity that has not been present in the area for decades. Not only are more kids involved in the sport – but there are more spectators coming to games for entertainment.”

Elvis Johnson

President, The Western Hoyas

“From attendance, to grades, to leadership, students who participate in baseball improve. Many students can not afford the equipment to play. Without the donation, we would not be able to run this program.”

James Peterson

Baseball Coach, W.B. Saul High School

“I learned responsibility on and off the field. I realized how dedicated to softball I have become, it is something that I love to do. I learned you can love a sport and share the best moments of your life with friends and teammates everyday. My coaches motivate me and help in the best way.”

Aaliyisha S.

Softball player, Olivet Boys & Girls Club

“This donation cannot be overstated. South Scranton Little League is a very diverse community that is at odds economically. I know personally people who haven’t participated because they couldn’t afford something as simple as a glove. I have personally purchased items for several children because I refuse to turn anyone away. This generous donation allowed us to provide low-income children with brand new equipment they could be proud to use.”

Robert Kane

Treasurer, South Scranton Little League