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In times of tragedy, baseball and softball can help to restore a sense of normalcy for children amidst the chaos.

Disaster relief programs are ingrained into the fabric of Pitch In For Baseball & Softball. These are our most impactful efforts as we strive to help children recover in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Our first-ever project was with two Little League programs in Biloxi, Mississippi that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Over the past decade, PIFBS has helped rebuild entire leagues, and has helped thousands of kids start their seasons on time in the wake of natural disasters.

In 2018, PIFBS helped thousands of kids get back to playing ball in Houston and Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Past Disaster Relief Projects:

  • Biloxi, MS & New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina)
  • New Jersey & New York (Hurricane Sandy) – $100,000 of equipment to 20+ leagues
  • Port Arthur, TX (Hurricane Rita)
  • Galveston, TX (Hurricane Ike)
  • Ludlow, VT (Hurricane Irene) – More than $10,000 of equipment
  • Joplin, MO, Henryville, IN and Moore, OK (Tornado)
  • Minot, ND (Flooding)
  • Japan (Tsunami/earthquake)

Project Snapshots

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

More than 10,000 children play Little League ball in Puerto Rico. PIFBS has done three disaster relief projects with funding from various partners, including Little League International and Wilson Sporting Goods, including one in 2018 after three hurricanes hit the Caribbean islands the previous year. That year, PIFBS helped distribute 175 team kits of baseball and softball gear.

Refugio Little League

Refugio Little League

In Refugio, TX, PIFBS helped the league recover from Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane that caused catastrophic flooding in 2017. The hurricane devastated Refugio Little League’s facilities and equipment shed, and a number of players lost their homes and possessions. 12-year-old Kynslee’s home had severe roof damage and she lost her softball gear in the storm, but the donation helped her and many other children get back on the field.

Biloxi, MS

Biloxi, MS

Our very first projects were with two Little League programs in Biloxi, Mississippi that lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. We helped rebuild dozens of leagues across the Gulf Coast, giving hundreds of children the chance to escape the challenges they faced by returning to the field.

Getting Kids Back On The Field

PIFBS is currently working hard to identify teams and leagues that need equipment in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To promote safety for kids to get back on the field, regulations require that children do not share equipment. Many teams and families are unable to provide enough equipment for each child to have his/her own, and would greatly benefit from equipment donations that allow children to return to the game safely.