Get Started with Your International Equipment Equipment Application

Welcome to the International Equipment Grant application page for Pitch In For Baseball & Softball (PIFBS). Our mission is to support youth baseball and softball programs across the globe by providing essential equipment to help young athletes develop their skills, foster teamwork, and build a sense of community. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child, regardless of their location, can experience the joy of playing baseball and softball.

Please Note

Applying for the International Equipment Grant requires careful planning and time. The process can take over six months depending on various factors, including international shipping complexities. To ensure your equipment arrives before your season starts, we strongly recommend submitting your application at least eight weeks in advance.

Please note that recipients are required to demonstrate the impact of the donation on their program and cover shipping, handling, and any associated customs fees. Failure to meet communication protocols or provide necessary information may result in the application being declined. We encourage applicants to thoroughly review and complete the application form accurately to avoid delays.

Feel free to contact PIFBS at with any questions or to discuss your application prior to submission.

Visit our Guidelines page for additional information.