Get Started with Your School-Based Equipment Application

This application is for any school (elementary, middle, high) that serve at-risk with a demonstrated financial need.  PIFBS focuses on the kids with the greatest needs using free/reduced lunch rates and/or federal poverty rates as indicators.

Applicants must demonstrate a true financial need and report on the impact on students at the end of the season and BEFORE the summer break. 


Your school MUST serve economically disadvantaged children. PIFBS verifies free/reduced lunch rate data, which is an indicator of need.

A separate application is required for each baseball AND softball programs. For example, if a school wants to request equipment for both their softball and baseball programs, it must submit 2 separate applications.  This is because they are different coaches and each will be responsible for reporting requirements.

If your program received equipment for the previous season, PIFBS must have a Recipient Impact Report in order to receive another Equipment Grant as outlined in the Equipment Acceptance Agreement. The report form can be found here. Reports must be complete and be approved by PIFBS staff.

Please note that PIFBS equipment grants are a blend of new and used equipment, which is inspected carefully for safety. PIFBS cannot accommodate specific brand requests. PIFBS is knowledgeable in and follows league regulations/stamps whenever possible.

Feel free to contact PIFBS at with any questions or to discuss your application prior to submission.