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Alex Gottlieb

“As part of my Bar Mitzvah project, we are holding a fundraiser for PIFBS. I have been playing baseball since I was 5 years old. Baseball helps me escape from real life. It helps me learn how to become a  better teammate, friend, and leader. I am committed to something that’s very important to me. This allows me to look up to players as role models on and off the field.  I chose PIFBS because I really enjoy baseball and would really like for other children to be able to experience the great game of baseball like me. Please donate below to help other kids on and off the field!”

Asher Misiph

Hi!  My name is Asher Misiph and I am extremely passionate about baseball.  I have chosen Pitch In for Baseball & Softball for my mitzvah project to combine my two passions…baseball and helping others. I have been fortunate enough to play baseball for several years without having to worry about needing the proper equipment to play. Unfortunately many kids aren’t as lucky.  I feel that anyone who loves baseball or softball should be able to play the game they love.  Please consider supporting my efforts by donating to this great cause with either a monetary donation or used/new equipment.”

Avery Blatstein

“I am choosing this for my mitzvah project because I play baseball and love the sport.  I understand how expensive the equipment is and I want to give to those kids less fortunate.”

Dan Sheridan

“Recently, the demand for equipment has tripled since the CDC instituted stricter guidelines for the return to safe play during the COVID pandemic. Sharing equipment is prohibited, so all children must have their own to be able to participate in local leagues. Please help us meet the demand to ensure that every child can safely take the field in 2022 and enjoy baseball and softball during such a difficult time.”

Disaster Relief Fund

After more than a year of struggling with the effects of COVID-19, communities on the East Coast were finally starting to get back to normal life when Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc along the entire coast in late August. From Louisiana to New York, winds topping over 150 mph and severe rain caused an estimated $95 billion in damage. With your help, we will assist youth leagues in rebuilding and returning a source of joy and stability to children in these affected communities.

Hunter Segal

“In December, I’ll become a Bar Mitzvah, a son of the Commandment, which in the Jewish tradition, means that I’m seen as a man in the eyes of the community. I’ve chosen to begin my adult responsibilities with the mitzvah of tzedakah, a form of social justice, through giving to others. Please support my efforts to raise $500 to donate to Pitch In for Baseball & Softball to give others the opportunity to play the sport that means so much to me. I’ve been in love with the sport of baseball since I could pick up a ball, and have been playing since I was four years old. Baseball helps with stress, gets me outside in the fresh air, and allows me to make friends with others who also love the sport. I’d love to give those gifts to others.”

Paula Bennett

“Roy Hensley was a teacher and an avid baseball fan who committed his life to kids and baseball. Roy coached and umpired throughout his life. Knowing that his legacy is going to make baseball dreams come true for needy kids will put a big smile on his face.”

Sammy Cohen

“Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my page. As you know, Baseball is my passion! It is the main sport that I love. I am fortunate to be able to have all the equipment I need. For my Mitzvah Project, I would love to help kids around the world, who are not able to have baseball equipment, play the game of baseball. I would love if you could help me in this cause. Thank you so much.”

Terry Hatton

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Chad Lyon

Cody Raichlen

I decided to do a Mitzvah Project for my Bar Mitzvah. A Mitzvah is a good deed and for people coming to my Bar Mitzvah, I am collecting gently used baseball and softball equipment to give to kids that want to play and don’t have all the nice equipment I get to play with. If you can’t come to my Bar Mitzvah, you can still help by making a donation in honor of my Bar Mitzvah. All donations will go to Pitch In For Baseball and Softball. Thanks!

Daulton Is Pitchin’ In For Baseball

“I have been working with Pitch In For Baseball since 2014. Together we are helping kids around the world! Kids all over the world enjoy the game of baseball. And through Pitch In For Baseball & Softball, even kids in impoverished communities can get the chance to play this wonderful game. The communities we serve often are struggling for their basic needs. We want to make sure that the kids in those communities aren’t overlooked. Baseball gives them the structure and freedom to be kids while making good decisions for their future. Kids not only have fun, but also learn important lessons for their future like teamwork, sportsmanship and dealing with adversity.”

Isaac Rubinstein

“For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am working with an organization called Pitch In For Baseball & Softball. As everyone knows I am super passionate about playing baseball. I want every kid to have the chance to play this amazing sport and enjoy it as much as I do. Please help me in collecting new and gently used baseball and softball equipment for boys and girls in the United States and around the world who want to play ball do not have the equipment to do so. If you do not have equipment to donate and you would like to help children play baseball you can make monetary donations which will directly benefit grant recipients.”

Joe Cohen

“Many people, when becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, do a project to improve the world. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I chose to collect baseball and softball equipment to donate. The reason I chose this one is because I am a big baseball fan, as you might already know. I’m also doing this for kids who love baseball and can’t afford baseball equipment. There is a reason that donating is so important. Imagine if you wanted to plant a tree but you couldn’t get any seeds or water. Hopefully, someone would be nice enough to give you what you need to plant that tree. For anyone unable to donate equipment, monetary donations are greatly appreciated and will go to purchase equipment by Pitch In For Baseball & Softball. Thank you in advance for any donations.”

Max Levin

“I picked this organization for my bar mitzvah project to help  people who aren’t as fortunate to get equipment so they can pursue their dreams by playing baseball/softball.”

USA Softball – Grow the Game

USA Softball and Pitch In For Baseball & Softball share a common mission: to encourage more children to play ball, and to provide them with the equipment necessary to do so. That’s why we’re working together to send gear to youth leagues and schools in under-resourced areas throughout the country. You can give more kids the chance to experience the joy of a big hit, the camaraderie of being part of a team, and the sense of accomplishment from achieving their goals.


“I have played baseball since I was 6 years old and it has given me great joy and has taught me so many lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and dealing with failure. I feel as though everybody deserves the opportunity to play baseball and I am excited to help give kids this opportunity.” 

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Pitch In For Baseball & Softball® (PIFBS) provides new and gently used baseball and softball equipment to boys and girls in the United States and around the world who want to play ball but lack the equipment to do so. Donate today, and help support youth development through baseball and softball.