March was a vibrant month for Pitch In For Baseball & Softball (PIFBS), brimming with hope, empowerment, and milestones reflecting our dedication to the sport. This monthly recap shares inspiring stories and recognizes impactful efforts worldwide.

Advisory Council Addition

We’re delighted to welcome John Masotta, a valuable addition to our Advisory Council. With a solid background in marketing and sales, John’s passion for baseball, seen through his fan dedication and professional league involvement, enriches our organization.

PIFBS Impact

In February, PIFBS supported nearly 8,000 kids in 28 U.S. states and extended aid to budding talents in Brazil and the Philippines. These initiatives underscore PIFBS’s global influence in sports philanthropy.

Grant Announcements and Projects

The excitement mounts for PIFBS Phillies Night at Citizens Bank Park on April 20th, blending Phillies game thrill with supporting underprivileged youth. Join us for an evening uniting sports excitement and philanthropy.

Inspirational Spotlight Stories

We shine a spotlight on inspirational stories like Lizzie and Olivia, showcasing progress and inclusivity in sports. These tales inspire the next generation of female athletes.

Melany’s journey

Melany’s journey showcases softball’s transformative power, leading to academic and personal growth. Dawn’s experience highlights sports’ role in social connectivity and decision-making skills. These stories underscore sports’ impact on young athletes’ lives.