Athena Thank You

Softball has deeply impacted who Athena is and has taught her many invaluable life lessons. For her Senior Project, Athena wanted to make the sport more accessible for young girls.

Athena decided to run a free clinic for young athletes to grasp the fundamental techniques and skills that are needed to play. She is also running a fundraiser dedicated to PIFBS to help alleviate softball’s monetary barriers.

Thank you, Athena, for choosing PIFBS as your project beneficiary and helping make softball more accessible for others!

$5 Friday – Part 1

Today is $5 Friday, and we want to highlight the unique MIKID program that supports young children facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, abuse, neglect, PTSD, and more. These children often find it difficult to find opportunities to participate in traditional after-school activities like sports due to their behavior. MIKID applied for a PIFBS equipment grant to create their own baseball and softball program.

The MIKID program uses baseball and softball to help these children improve their behavior, develop a strong work ethic, and learn valuable skills such as communication, accountability, and teamwork.

Your contribution can help us support programs like MIKID even more. On $5 Friday, we kindly ask you to consider donating at or Venmo @pifbs.

Cleveland Guardians Recap

A big thank you to the Cleveland Guardians for their generous donation of a suite during Friday’s game!

It was an incredible experience for the supporters of PIFBS who attended, and for everyone who enjoyed watching the Guardians win in a thrilling 14-inning game!

Kyle Donation

Thank you to Kyle for his generous donation to PIFBS! Kyle’s love for baseball inspired him to give back, so he collected equipment by contacting

his local Little Leagues. Kyle’s efforts resulted in two full pallets of used gear being donated to PIFBS!

Thank you for registering your project with us, Kyle! If you would like to give back, you can register your project with PIFBS by visiting

$5 Friday – Part 2

Kaylen’s first baseball experience was challenging because of the old equipment he was using. To play, he had to rely on borrowing his teammate’s cleats and glove, as his old gear didn’t fit right.

Kaylen was thrilled when the Pitch In For Baseball & Softball equipment donation arrived at Gage Park Baseball & Softball Association. With his new equipment, Kaylen played with greater energy and confidence. This led to his selection as an All-Star and even winning the All-Star game MVP Award!

Kaylen believes his improvement is thanks to the new equipment donation that he received from PIFBS. This gave him the motivation he needed to perform at his best.

With your help, we can allow more kids to gain confidence through baseball and softball. Would you consider making a $5 donation to help players like Kaylen? Baseball can be a life-changing experience, and your support can make a true difference.

Shailen Thank You

A big thank you to Shailen for his donation to PIFBS! As an umpire and player for nearly all his life, Shailen has always loved baseball and wanted to help others play the game. To him, PIFBS offered a great opportunity to give back. With the help of local leagues and friends, Shailen collected over $1500 worth of equipment!

Thank you for completing your project with us, Shailen! If you would like to give back, you can register your project with PIFBS by visiting the link in our bio.

Lancaster Barnstormers

Join us on Saturday, July 15th when Pitch In For Baseball & Softball is honored during a @gobarnstormers game at Clipper Magazine Stadium! Connect with PIFBS staff and enjoy a summer night at the ballpark. A portion of each ticket sold will directly benefit PIFBS!

$5 Friday – Part 3

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute faces unique challenges to play softball as a wheelchair softball league. In wheelchair softball, players must learn how to position their chairs when batting, so they can use maximum strength and body motion for a more powerful swing. The team was in desperate need of new bats as they were using bats that were almost two decades old.

Mac was in his first year of playing wheelchair softball. One of Mac’s biggest challenges was learning how to bat. Mac started with a heavier bat and his sports chair was not positioned right, which caused him to have trouble swinging. When Courage Kenny received a PIFBS equipment grant, Mac fixed his sports chair batting position and started to use one of the new bats that are lighter weight. His batting started to improve. By the end of the season, Mac slugged for more extra-base hits and even hit his first home run!

Thanks to the equipment donation from PIFBS, Mac was able to improve his softball skills and feel confident enough to compete with his peers who have been playing wheelchair softball for years. Your contribution can help us support programs like Courage Kenny. On $5 Friday, we kindly ask you to consider donating at or Venmo @pifbs.