In 2018, PIFBS teamed up with minor leaguer, Anfernee Seymour, and former Olympian, Natasha Watley, to get baseball and softball equipment to kids in the Bahamas. In addition to distrubiting the gear, Anfernee and Natasha hosted baseball and softball clinics for children on the island.

Though another project with Anfernee and Natasha was planned for 2019, the focus has shifted to disaster relief due to the devastating hurricane that struck the island in the fall of 2019. Hurricane Dorian became the most destructive and deadly storm to ever hit the Bahamas. PIFBS is anxious to help restore a sense of normalcy for all the children impacted and get them back to playing ball but we need your help. Consider making a donation to help kids get back on the field in the Bahamas!