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PIFBS reduces barriers to play and promotes youth development by providing equipment directly to leagues, schools, and organizations around the world to start, continue, and/or expand their programs.

Each grant recipient must submit required reporting at the conclusion of their season to be eligible for future grants. The required data, anecdotes, and photos that we receive are used to communicate our impact to our donors in the hopes that they continue to support our mission to help more kids play ball.

Helping Hands

At Chickasaw High School (AL), coach AJ Nipper is working to change the culture and help provide students with motivation, life skills, and discipline through baseball. In 2021, PIFBS began a five-year commitment to provide equipment and other support to the program.

“There’s almost this kind of defeated mentality beforehand, before they ever walk in, and so that’s really what we’re trying to change. And I think if we want to get even more foundational level than that, a lot of our students are really coming from just broken homes. We’ve got a lot of divorce, alcoholism, abuse, homelessness, a lot of those things that are contributing to instability in our students’ lives. And so any semblance of stability that we can provide, and just encouragement to these students that we’re able to give them, is a win.”

-AJ Nipper, Head Coach, Chickasaw HS

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ENED Foundation, Dominican Republic

Leonardo was an orphan after losing both of his parents unexpectedly. Leonardo, his brother, and two older sisters struggled to survive and stay together. His siblings were focused on finding food and shelter, leaving Leonardo to wander the streets of Boca Chica alone. When the ENED Foundation found him, he had severe anemia from extreme malnutrition. While recovering with food and medication, Leonardo would watch wistfully at the children playing ball in the playground. The donation from PIFBS gave Leonardo and dozens of kids like him the proper gear to play baseball for the first time. Leonardo blossomed as a result, emerging as a leader on the team and learning as much as he could about the art of pitching. Baseball has given Leonardo hope.

Eddie & Wilfredo

Delfines Baseball Club, La Ceiba, Honduras

Honduran twins Wilfredo and Eddie dealt with a lot of uncertainty as young children, but baseball had a major impact in helping them withstand the adversity they faced. The family had recently moved to Ecuador and were trying to adapt to a new culture when the boys’ father was diagnosed with cancer. A little over a year later, their father passed away. The boys moved back to Honduras and were devastated, no longer wishing to go to school or to play soccer, which they used to practice with their dad. After hearing about a youth baseball league, their mother decided to take them to practices to watch. By the third day, Eddie went on the field and grabbed a baseball bat. The coach encouraged him, and the boys started to enjoy the game, have fun, and smile again. The twins still play baseball now as teenagers. The sport changed their lives, and became an essential part of their healing.



Elmwood Little League, Providence, RI

Jaylanie was an athletic player and wanted to be a catcher. She lacked experience, but was willing to put in the work in her free time. When they received the donated catchers gear, the league was able to give her a set to practice with, and Jaylanie dedicated herself to becoming the best player she could be. Elmwood Little League honored her that season as the most improved player for her age class.

Belize City Softball Association

Belize City Softball Association

Belize City, Belize

In Belize, one baseball alone costs about 15 US dollars. Softball is one of the most popular sports in the country, but participation has diminished among youth due to difficulties accessing equipment. In 2019, Pitch In For Baseball & Softball and Philadelphia Adult League Softball (PALS) teamed up to provide softball equipment to Belize City Softball Association. 19 representatives of PALS traveled down to Belize to facilitate clinics and deliver the equipment, which was later distributed to schools throughout Belize City. Between the PIFBS donation and other items collected by PALS, over 1,200 pounds of equipment was distributed to eight low-income primary schools in Belize City to either start or restart their softball programs, which would be offered as part of the school’s physical education programs.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes ColVen, Valle de La Pascua, Venezuela

Like many kids in Venezuela, Lemuel dreamed of playing professional baseball. His first contact with FCA was as a participant in a special baseball camp held in Valle de La Pascua, VZ in 2016. At the time, he struggled to trust people after his biological father and two step fathers all left his mother and sisters. After the camp, Lemuel began attending FCA’s baseball academy/school. He was given a uniform and glove donated by PIFBS. Through participating in the program he grew tremendously and became a leader, even helping coach the younger boys at the school.




Carlos was adopted by a local family as an infant. He had a passion for the game of baseball and always wanted to be on a team, but his adopted parents were not able to pay the registration fees due to financial constraints, nor could they provide him with a uniform and a glove. When he received equipment from PIFBS through Hands On New York, Carlos was so moved and emotional in expressing gratitude for the donations. The chance to finally be a part of a team lifted his spirits, improved his grades in school, and motivated him to be more active in his community.

Foothill Farms Little League

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: North Highlands, CA

Impact Report Story: “Saje Mendiola is a second-year player. From day one she wanted to be a catcher and go to the little league World Series. First year she said this. Over Christmas she wanted to save her own money to buy her own catchers set. Because of the donation Saje was able to get a full catchers set (used but new to her). This young lady sang our national anthem, dives for every ball she can, has the determination and persistence like no kid I ever met before. When we got the large shipment of supplies, I told her I had something special for her. We both cried in the moment. It’s so special to be able to give kids their very own gear (this doesn’t happen much because we are low income and small league with little resources). She brings her gear every day and asks to practice with any team playing. Every. Single. Day. This girl is sure something!!”

Connellsville Little League

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Connellsville, PA (Tull Group)

Impact Report Story: “Cyier, age 10, is a character on and off the field. He brings energy and passion every day. Cy is raised by his mother and only his mother so him being on the ball field with coaches and other players brings joy and a positive impact to his life.  His glove was too small so his coach approached the league about getting him a new one, and that was the time when we received the donations. So I gave him a glove and his words were “wait coach BT this is for me. I can keep it?” I told him that we gave him a bigger glove and he immediately gave me a big hug. Cy is an inspiration because he is an underdog in life and always keeps pushing forward”.

MIsgav Baseball (Received Grant through Israel Baseball)

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Misgav, Israel

Impact Report Story: “Raz is a 13-year-old boy who stumbled across the game of baseball 2 year ago. From streaming games online to dreaming of playing the game, he heard that there was a baseball club nearby his home and joined this year. Catching was the one thing that really caught his attention. Unfortunately, the baseball club only had one old beat up set of catcher’s gear for an adult. Raz had no idea that his dream would come true. When he saw the donation from pitch in for baseball, he was overwhelmed with joy! He was so honored and grateful to know that people across the globe supported him and loved him enough to walk alongside him in his journey of playing baseball. His countenance forever changed that day. It helped him mature in so many ways. Responsibility to care for the equipment, hard work ethic, confidence in peer relationships, respect for others and himself, and maturing emotionally were just a few positive outcomes we heard from his coaches! Thank you pitch in for baseball, your generosity and compassion are changing many kids lives, like Raz!”

Harding Sr. High School Baseball

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Saint Paul, MN (Minnesota Twins – School Based Program)

Impact Report Story: “Our story for this year involves a senior named Gaoseng. Gaoseng transferred to Harding her junior year and tried out to become our catcher. Gaoseng was given brand new catchers equipment that was donated to us through your program Pitch in for Baseball. As spring training went on she became more and more confident. At the start of the season her junior year she became the starting varsity catcher.

Fast forward to this season and Gaoseng was voted to be a team captain by her peers and coaches. She was still using the donated equipment and loving playing catcher. She grew so much over the two seasons and without your donations I don’t know if she would have wanted to become a catcher. Gaoseng is now graduated and working with the Minnesota Twins summer camp program as a youth coach helping introduce today’s youngsters to the sport of baseball and softball.”



Granville Little League, Granville, NY

Kolton struggled adjusting to a new age group at the beginning of the season. He worked hard at practice, and gradually became more comfortable on the field with his newly donated equipment, improving his skills and gaining confidence as he adjusted to the new group of kids in the dugout. At the end of the season, Kolton’s team had advanced to the championship game. The teams were tied in extra innings. With two outs and nobody on base, Kolton stepped to the plate. He smashed a hard line drive down to the right field corner, and scampered around the bases for what proved to be the championship-winning, walk-off inside the park home run. Kolton was mobbed by his teammates at home plate, and hoisted into the air by his coach in celebration!

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Central Utah Athletics, Mona, UT

Cheyenne had been catching since she was little, and had always used team equipment. She knew she would need to get her own gear to be a catcher at a more competitive level, but her family had not been able to purchase her a catchers set due to financial constraints. The donated equipment the league received allowed them to provide kids with mitts, catchers gear, and other practice equipment, alleviating the burden of expenses that had been placed on families. The coaches noted a sisterhood forming among the girls, and parents commented that they had never seen their daughters so relaxed and confident. With help from the PIFBS donations, Central Utah Athletics has created a safe place for kids to be themselves, be accepted, and become leaders.



Lost Boyz Inc. Chicago, IL

When Carmelia came to Lost Boyz Inc. she was non-verbal in school or around any of her peers in the organization. Her mom approached the program director and asked if they would help her become more verbal. Once she realized that Lost Boyz Inc was a family-oriented group, she became more comfortable with the other kids and began to loosen up. One day during their Winter Clinic, Carmelia was being tutored by one of the teachers, and her mother noticed that she was having a full conversation with the teacher! With help from the donated equipment, Carmelia was even able to attend her first tournament with Lost Boyz Inc.



Villa Vasquez, Dominican Republic

In 2012, Pitch In For Baseball & Softball received a grant request from Gladys Pena, founding member of the foundation Villa Vasquez en Linea. Based in the town of Villa Vasquez in the Dominican Republic, the organization “is built to help people of low income to solve matter(s) like health issues, shoes, clothes, etc.” and to improve children’s lives. Luis, who was 10 years old at the time, was among the children who received that equipment. Luis continued playing baseball, and began earning the attention of Major League teams. On January 15, 2021, Luis officially signed a professional contract to join the Minnesota Twins organization.

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Lanai Pono Baseball

Lanai City, Hawaii

In 2018, Dr. Coop DeRenne helped start a youth baseball team in Lanai City, Hawaii, giving several children their first-ever chance to play ball. A former professional baseball player turned professor and coach, Coop had seen first hand how sports change lives. Many families in the area are of lower income, and there are no major stores on industries on the island. The 11 players came from various ethnic and financial backgrounds, and with a lack of resources on the island, they had not had a chance to ever experience the game before the creation of this team.

“We saw their socialization improve, their grades improve. They all play sports today…. They’ve just blossomed through this experience.”

Dr. Coop DeRenne, Coach

Williamstown Sr. High School

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Williamstown, KY

Impact Report Story: “Eli, 11th Grade, was new to our school. he came to the assistant coach, is a teacher in the school. He explained that he has always tried out for the team at his previous school but never made the team because there was 100+ kids trying out. Coach told Eli to come to fall workouts when he could and tryouts in February. Eli showed up to the first fall practice with no cleats or bat and a ratty glove that his mom used in softball. Another player lent Eli his glove for the fall. When we received our donation Eli was the first player to get equipment, he got a glove, batting gloves, and a bat. Eli showed up whenever he could during the fall and every day in the season. Eli would do anything that the coaches asked of him or do things just because they needed to be done. Although Eli was not one of our star players, he was definitely a leader in all senses of the word. Our team improved and exceeded season expectations this year and a lot of this is due to Eli’s teamwork and leadership of what it means to be a high school baseball player. (Eli is pictured on the left, along with Luke 8th grade, and Zack 12th grade)”

Saddle Brook Girls Softball

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Saddle Brook, NJ

Impact Report Story: “We had a family move into town from Europe, so the family was very unfamiliar with the sport of softball but the daughter, age 12 wanted to give it a try. Thanks to PIFBS, we were able to loan her a full set of equipment for the season (glove, helmet, fielder mask, bat, etc..) and she turned out to be such a good player, she played in our League’s All-Star game!! Playing with her new classmates allowed to make new friends during the season. None of that would be possible without access to gear. “

Rochester Area Baseball & Softball Association

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Rochester, PA (Tull Group)

Impact Report Story: “Syrin Crosby, a first year 12U Softball player, came into the season with no gear or equipment from home. With the grant that we received we were able to provide her with a new glove, fielders mask and bat. At the beginning of the season, Syrin was scared and not confident at all in her abilities but providing her with all of the tools that she needed to succeed, she gained confidence and was given the ability to learn, play and grow within our organization.”

Smithfield Youth League

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Smithfield, PA (Tull Group)

Impact Report Story: “I coached Levi in 8u coach pitch years ago. He was a good kid with loads of talent. He played 1st base on the all-star team that year. Levi is the oldest of 8 kids with young parents. They all lived in a 2-bedroom rental. Levi’s parents did not have the ability or desire to see him play ball. Everyone loved Levi. we took turns picking him up for games. We took him fishing. He made loads of friends and had many positive experiences. The next season Levi didn’t sign up. It had been said they were evicted and moved to a neighboring town. I always looked for him in the other league when we played but I never saw him.
No one heard from Levi for a couple years. This year one of the players mom’s bumped into Levi, now 11, at a birthday party. All he could talk about was the fun he had playing ball years ago and how he wished he could play. Signups were done, and uniforms already ordered. No matter, we got Levi on the team, and ordered him a uniform. The same parent went and got him in the neighboring town for every game. Levi played at no cost to him and was given a glove and bat. Levi is starting at a big disadvantage in life. Maybe having this positive experience and being around good adult mentors will have an impact on Levi.”

Thomas Edison High School Softball

Year Equipment Grant Received: 2022
City, State: Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota Twins – School Based Program)

Impact Report Story: “This player Mianna Sledge, she will be a senior next season, she is 17 years old. This player has severe anxiety that she has been dealing with all of her life. She said that playing softball has given her the cougar to try new things. also found something that she is good at. She doesn’t know this but tonight is our Banquet and I’m going to name her one of the captains. She may not be the best player but her heart and her desire to get better not only her, but the team get better is amazing. I’m so proud of her. So, if you are wondering why you donate to programs think of her. Because without organizations like yours that donate to sports programs like this one, Mianna would not have played softball also would not have been a captain. So, on behalf of Mianna and so many other players out there like her thank you very much.”

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