Junior Knights

North Penn Collection Drive

This past week, North Penn High School hosted their annual “Junior Knights” baseball camp where over 200 kids came out to the campus of North Penn and spent some time with coaches, alumni and current players learning the game of baseball. During the camp, PIFBS hosted an equipment collection drive where countless kids donated equipment every day!


Tommy Meyler and Luca Russo Drop off

Back in February, Tommy Meyler and Luca Russo collected equipment and dropped it off to PIFBS. Thanks to donors like Tommy and Luca, PIFBS is able to help further eliminate equipment as a barrier to play! The cleats, bats, gloves, and much more will be put to great use soon!

To learn more about how to donate equipment to PIFBS, please visit our donations page.


Programs In Turkey

Baseball in the country of Turkey is something that few kids get to experience. With soccer and basketball being the dominant sports in the country, baseball equipment is hard to access and expensive. The equipment grant from PIFBS gives kids in Turkey the opportunity to play baseball and experience something new.


Donor Highlight — Jonathan Lewanda

PIFBS would like to thank Jonathan Lewanda for his donation back in January 2022! Thank you helping the fight against equipment as a barrier to play the game of baseball! If you would like to drop off some of your old equipment, please visit pifbs.org to learn more about how to donate!


International Program — Mexico

Baseball in Mexico is just as popular as it is here in America and with help from PIFBS, nearly 50 kids had the opportunity to play ball! We have worked with over 15 leagues all throughout the country to give everyone a fair shot at playing baseball and softball.

To learn more about our international programs, click here.

Warstic Donation

Partner Highlight — “Warstic” TBT

We would like to highlight our partner @warstic and the work they have done with the Rosebud league in Sioux, SD. The Rosebud league is located on a Native American Reservation where teams must drive 30-40 minutes to play other teams. Warstic was able to give everyone a brand-new bat just in time for the season, eliminating equipment as an expense for the new season.  


Donor Highlight — Matthew DePhillips

Earlies this month, Matthew DePhillips donated a bunch of old and gently used equipment he collected through 3 donation drives with 3 separate teams and Matthew also raised over $500 on a donation page to support the organization, as part of his Bar Mitzvah project! His love for the game of baseball made him want to partner with us and give other kids the opportunity to play baseball. Thank you, Matthew!

Who We’ve Helped This Month

North Little Rock

North Little Rock Police Athletic League

The North Little Rock Police Athletic League (North Little Rock, AR) was a recipient of an equipment donation back in 2021. With the equipment that was donated the league saw an overall increase in morale, enjoyment of the game and they did not have to worry about using damaged or the wrong size equipment anymore.

Near West

Near West Little League (Maywood, IL)

Near West Little League (Maywood, IL) was a recent recipient of an equipment grant from PIFBS. Due to COVID-19, a nearby league shut down and kids had to travel further to join Near West Little League. With this equipment grant, they were able to expand their program to allow more kids the opportunity to participate. With most of these players being first-time players, this grant has allowed them to have equipment they needed to play.

University Park

University Park Youth Baseball (Crete, IL)

University Park Youth Baseball (Crete, IL) had a baseball camp where out of the 55 participants, 85% of them were first time baseball and softball players. The equipment provided by PIFBS allowed to league to not turn away any kids because of lack of equipment. Also, it made all the kids committed to come to camp every single day and play as a team as they worked to learning the game of baseball!

PIFBS Global Baseball

Help kids around the world play ball!

As always, we thank our generous donors, supports, and partners for all the contributions of time, money, and equipment so all kids, regardless of economic background, can benefit from the game. Donate today, and help support youth development through baseball and softball.