Julia Shearer

Julia Shearer Gatorade Player of the Year

Thank you, Julia Shearer for donating your @Gatorade Play It Forward grant to support PIFBS! Through the Gatorade Play It Forward program, Julia selected PIFBS to receive a $1,000 grant to help the next generation of athletes reap the benefits of sport. Thank you, Julia!

Matt Atchley Donation

Donor Highlight – Matt Atchley Donation

“How can I help out people that don’t have equipment, so they can experience the game and have the fun I have when I play?”

This summer, @mattatchley_ donated to PIFBS for the second year in a row! His efforts led to an equipment donation of over 150 items and even a $200 Target gift card to help purchase brand new equipment. We can’t thank you enough, Matt!

Baseball In Israel

International Program — Baseball In Israel

Did you know that PIFBS has helped support programs in Israel since 2006? Israel Association of Baseball has become a home for many players who aspire to play in the Majors. Due to a lack of availability, basic baseball equipment such as bats, balls, gloves, and helmets are often difficult for teams to purchase.

We are proud to support programs in Israel, so that players have a chance to reach their lifelong dreams of playing in the pros!

Who We’ve Helped This Month

Foothill Farms Little League

Foothill Farms Little League (Sacramento, CA)

Saje from Foothill Farms Little League (Sacramento, CA) was in her second year of playing in the league. When she started playing, she wanted to be a catcher and go to the Little League World Series. To reach her dreams, Saje started to save money to buy her own catchers set. Because of a PIFBS donation, Saje was able to get the full catchers set she wanted!

“We both cried in the moment. It’s so special to be able to give kids their very own gear (this doesn’t happen much because we are low income and small league with little resources). She brings her gear every day and asks to practice with any team playing. Every. Single. Day. This girl is sure something!!”- President of Foothill Farms Little League, Rachel Bendix

Little League Chile

Little League Chile

In 2021, Little League Chile started their season with 50 players in their program. Many more children were interested in joining the league, but they did not have the equipment to support more teams. ⁠

With an equipment grant from PIFBS, Little League Chile has now grown to 600 kids! These players are now able to compete in national tournaments that will be played at the end of this year!

Misgav Baseball

Impact Story (Misgav Baseball)

Raz (Misgav, Israel) stumbled across the game of baseball by streaming games online. Catching was a part of the game that Raz was mesmerized by. Unfortunately, his baseball club only had one set of old catcher’s gear fit for adults. When Israel Baseball received an equipment grant from PIFBS, Raz knew his dreams of being a catcher were about to come true.

Overwhelmed with joy, Raz was honored and grateful knowing people across the globe supported his dream.

Prosser Academy

Prosser Academy

For the 2022 season, more than half of the Prosser Academy (Chicago, IL) team were new to the game of softball. Since many of these student athletes have never played before, they did not have their own equipment. With this equipment grant from PIFBS, not only did they get the gear they needed, but they were also able to form a second team.

Through the game, these young players were able to form new friendships and were taught the value of education.  

PIFBS Global Baseball

Help kids around the world play ball!

As always, we thank our generous donors, supports, and partners for all the contributions of time, money, and equipment so all kids, regardless of economic background, can benefit from the game. Donate today, and help support youth development through baseball and softball.