Congratulations! You have successfully submitted an equipment grant application with Pitch In For Baseball & Softball. Our Programs & Equipment Manager, Tim Froggatt, will follow up with additional questions via email. *We request that you refrain from emailing or calling our office to ask the status of your application. We will be in touch with you*

Because of our high volume of applications, we have implemented an Equipment Grant Cycle. Please refer to the Equipment Grant Cycle information below to understand the typical processing period.

Equipment Grant Cycle Application Period Processing Period Equipment Received Impact Report Due Date
Spring Cycle November 1st- March 15th 6-8 Weeks November 1st- April 30th June 1st- July 1st
Summer Cycle March 16th- June 30th 4-6 Weeks May 1st- July 31st September 1st- October 1st
Fall Cycle July 1st- September 30th 4-6 Weeks August 1st-October 31st December 1st- December 31st


Please review the information below. If your request for an equipment grant is accepted by Pitch In For Baseball & Softball (PIFBS), your program will be required to:

  1. Cover the costs of shipping upfront.
    • A PIFBS representative will provide you a list of the donated equipment and the shipping charges.
    • Shipping charges should be reimbursed within one week of being notified.
      • PIFBS cannot store pending equipment grants for long periods of time.
      • Failure to reimburse within the allotted timeframe may result in application closure
  2. Cover any customs or taxes that occur with the shipment (international shipments only).
  3. Confirm the arrival of the equipment.
  4. Send PIFBS photos throughout the season (guidelines will be provided).
  5. Complete an impact report.
    • Programs receiving a baseball and softball equipment grant are required to complete separate reports.
    • Reports should be completed upon the conclusion of the season, but no later than 6 weeks after it concludes. (Failure to complete impact report will prevent the organization and persons applying from receiving future grants.)
    • A PIFBS Representative will provide the link to the report when the equipment donation is shipped.
  6. Note: Any applicant that consistently fails to respond to emails will not be considered.

If your program is unable to adhere to any of the requirements above, please let us know at this time.

Thank you,

Pitch In For Baseball & Softball
21 Bon Air Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

T: 267-263-4069