Williston Middle High School in Williston, FL, received an equipment grant in 2020.

The school is located in a financially-challenged community with more than two thirds of students below the poverty line. Yet the baseball program won its state title three of the past six years through 2019, and managed to do so without proper equipment and very little fundraising. Many kids shared gloves, and the team practiced with several baseballs that were six years old. The grant allowed for each team to have catchers equipment and BP balls of their own, and they were able to carry full rosters without worrying about equipment shortages.

“The players in this diverse community all look toward school and athletics for an anchor, and we are able to keep their attendance and grades above the levels required to participate using baseball as the incentive. We had to make due with a very shortened season because of COVID-19. The younger players on the team pulled together, and made the season as special as it could be for the graduating class.” – Jared Braddock, Booster President

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