Western Duluth Little League in Duluth, MN, received an equipment grant through PIFBS in 2020. WDLL works to ensure that no child is denied participation due to lack of financial means, keeping player costs low and offering scholarships to families in need.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the league started its 2020 baseball season in June. One boy was struggling at the plate, but the whole team supported him by lining up at the fence whenever he was up to bat. The boy was frustrated that he couldn’t make contact, but with his teammates cheering him on, he eventually got a few base hits!

The grant also allowed the league to upgrade its catchers gear. The leg pads on the old gear would not stay in place, and catchers couldn’t focus on their position as they were constantly adjusting their equipment. Having quality equipment to use allowed the kids to focus and have fun.

“Watching our kids reunite with their friends after a spring of social isolation and remote learning was awesome…Due to Covid-19 this was an unusual year, and nearly financially devastating to our organization. We had our lowest player turn out in the last 10 years. The PIFBS equipment greatly helped with our sanitation protocols. Extra bats and helmets helped streamline the game as they were cleaned between players.” – Jennifer Hartman, Fundraising Committee Member

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