In Saxonburg, PA, Saxonburg Area Baseball Association was a recipient of an equipment grant in 2020 as part of the Pirates Charities and Tull Family Foundation program, which provided baseball and softball gear to 20 leagues in Pennsylvania and one program in West Virginia.

Before the grant, it had become challenging for the league to keep up with demands on their field upkeep and the equipment needed to provide young athletes with what they need to learn the sport. Saxonburg Area Baseball Association is a nonprofit organization that relies on support from local businesses and fundraisers. With rising costs of running day-to-day operations, providing an affordable league has become increasingly difficult.

With the COIVID-19 pandemic, the challenge increased as many parents of the players had lost their jobs and were not able to afford new equipment. The grant allowed the league to supply equipment to every team in its Bronco league as well as several Minor and Pony league teams. Without the donations, two of their teams would not have been able to play in 2020 as they would have had no catchers gear available.

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