Northeast Iowa Wellness & Recreation Center’s baseball and softball programs, located in Postville, Iowa, each received an equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020.

The league has a high proportion of players who fall below the federal poverty line, and many of them are first generation immigrants to the United States. The league serves close to 100 kids, ages 4-13.

Despite COVID-19, the grant allowed Northeast Iowa Wellness & Recreation Center to provide a safe return to play, as the league was able to distribute gear so children did not have to share. Otherwise, the program likely would have been discontinued. They were able to give the kids equipment in good condition that was the correct size for their age groups.

One fourth grade girl had never played before, but Coach Amy helped her find a helmet that fit and a bat to use, and showed her how to stand at the plate. She showed the girl that the helmet would keep her safe so she could relax and have fun playing ball.

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