Montgomery River Region RBI in Montgomery, AL, received its latest equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020. The league includes four baseball teams and four softball teams and serves around 100 kids.

Providing equipment helps the league give underprivileged youth the opportunity to participate in baseball and softball and allows kids to have a positive outlet in the summer and after school.

Fikisha Cooper, the league’s director, shared that playing sports as a kid leads to several important benefits such as improved physical health, enhanced social skills, and better mental health. But signing a child up for team sports is a challenge for many families due to registration fees, uniforms, and purchasing equipment.

Micah’s self-confidence increased, as baseball helped him set goals for himself and experience a sense of reward and accomplishment.

“They will also experience victories, achieve personal bests, and receive praise from their coaches, teammates, and from parents when they perform well. All of these moments help to build self-confidence and show that, when they set their mind on a goal, they can achieve great success.” – Fikisha Cooper, Director


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