Montgomery River Region RBI in Montgomery, AL, received its latest equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020. The league includes four baseball teams and four softball teams and serves around 100 kids.

Fikisha Cooper, the league’s director, shared how important it is for kids to have the proper equipment to play the game:

“It’s the last inning, the game is tied, two outs, bases are loaded and the count is 3-2. All the pitcher has to do is throw one strike and the game is over. The pitch comes in and it’s a strike, but the catcher’s mitt, that was four years old, comes unthreaded and the ball hits the ground. By the time the catcher realizes what is happening, the runner is headed to first. She makes the throw, forgetting a runner was coming home. The runner beat the throw and was safe at first, allowing the runner at home to be safe and winning the game. Immediately the catcher says to herself, “If I had a new glove, this never would have happened.’

New equipment helps make a winning team. It improves a player’s self confidence, portrays the team’s seriousness towards their competitors, and brings awareness to sponsors and the community about the team’s needs. The new equipment also allows the team to have the latest tools to develop their skills. With hard work, proper equipment, and dedication the team is set up for success.”

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