Lindley Presho Caton Little League baseball in Painted Post, NY, received an equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020.

The league is in a small rural community with very few businesses to pull sponsorships from. Most players come from an economically challenged background, so the league works to keep costs at a minimum and encourages all kids to play ball regardless of their situation.

One boy joined the league in 2020 and had never played an organized sport. He had been stuck at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, so his mom reached out to the league. The boy needed a glove and bat to use, since sharing equipment was not allowed due to safety guidelines. The gloves and bats received in the grant allowed Lindley Presho Caton Little League to lend them to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them. The boy was typically a shy kid, but came out of his shell and became a power hitter, even hitting an inside the park home run!

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