Located in Homer City, PA, Homer-Center High School was the recipient of an equipment grant in 2020 as part of the Pirates Charities and Tull Family Foundation program, which provided baseball and softball gear to 20 leagues in Pennsylvania and one program in West Virginia.

The program’s budget is limited, making it a challenge to prioritize purchasing equipment for its players to use, particularly with the rising costs of baseball gear. Across the school district, more than 50% of the students enrolled are socially-economically disadvantaged. Because of this, the majority of baseball players are unable to supply their own gear.

Because of the grant in 2020, Homer-City High School provided one student a new bat and helmet, which saved his family over $200. Another student had been academically ineligible to play during the 2019 season, but he wanted to be a catcher, and worked hard in the classroom during the 2020 season. The boy didn’t have any catchers gear of his own, but when the season was finally able to start, his hard work was rewarded as the was able to provide gear for him to use.

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