H.A.R.C. baseball and softball in Hopwood, PA, received an equipment grant in 2020 as part of the Pirates Charities and Tull Family Foundation program, which provided baseball and softball gear to 20 leagues in Pennsylvania and one program in West Virginia.

The donation helped the league offset costs. Each year they give equipment to players for use during the season, but over time the equipment had become worn and unsafe. When the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated extra safety precautions, the new equipment made it possible for the kids to play ball without having to share equipment.

“In a time of chaos and uncertainty in most 8-14 year olds’ lives, recreation baseball/softball was the only thing many kids got to do this summer. The grant sponsored by your organization did not impact an individual player, it impacted an entire league.  From June 22-Aug 8, the kids of Fayette county, PA got the chance to forget about Covid-19 and play baseball/softball with their friends. Brand new, sanitary catchers equipment, was provided to each team. In most cases, each team received two sets because sharing of equipment was prohibited. This would not have been possible without this grant.”

– Pat Lion, President


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