Give and Go Athletics, an RBI program in Philadelphia, received an equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020 in partnership with the 3-2 Count Foundation.

The program includes two baseball teams and serves disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia. The program aims to introduce the game of baseball to the community.

Program Director Andre Wright brought his 4-year-old son, Ace, to the first fall training session where they gave out the donated gear to the kids. The joy on the children’s faces gave Ace all the inspiration he needed to try his hand at baseball.

“Too many young, interested kids want to play the game and be part of a team but get discouraged when they don’t have proper equipment. There’s a new student named Terrell aka “Chubbs” who recently joined baseball but never had the confidence to try the game. Now that he has cleats, his own glove, and batting gloves, he’s been practicing on his own, engaging more with his father, and according to his father he’s been more disciplined at home. Belonging is very important for kids ages 9 – 12 and this story is a great example of the impact of being included and belonging to a team.” – Andre Wright, Program Director

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