Forest Park High School baseball in Forest Park, Georgia, received equipment grants from PIFBS in 2018 and 2020.

The program entered the 2020 season with no uniforms or equipment available for its JV team, and had only 25 baseballs to use for its two teams.

One of seniors was among 10 first time players, and the equipment allowed him to play at a much higher level than he otherwise would have been able to. His batting average increased 100 points due to the new bat he used.

“This donation brought the team together and attendance went up to 100% starting in January, grades were up by 80%, and it boosted our confidence on the field, and eventually was going to lead us to a state run this year before COVID-19. Our only senior that started all four years was able to have his own glove for a chance to showcase his talents in front of a College Scout, and with this donation, he is in college right now.” – Joshua Froneberger, Head Coach

Tags:  ·  Years Involved:2018, 2020