Atherton Community Schools baseball in Burton, Michigan, was the recipient of an equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020.

The program hoped to improve awareness of the sport among its student athletes, and boost school culture and community pride. The 2020 season was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19, but receiving the new equipment inspired the kids on the team.

In 2021, Trajen began playing ball for the first time. He had no glove or cleats, and without this donation Trajen wouldn’t have been able to afford the necessary materials to participate. Dysen, a freshman, increased all of his grades by at least one full letter grade after joining the team.

“They worked together and began mentoring/tutoring one another in their academics; our cumulative team GPA, 3.72, would have assuredly been mentioned as all-state honors. My team began morning practices in January 2020, before school began, at 5:30 am every morning. The list of donated equipment left the team in awe.” – Ryan McClellan, Head Coach

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