Abington Little League baseball in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, received an equipment grant from PIFBS in 2020.

The league includes 45 teams, with 500 kids ages 5-16. With new safety guidelines due to COVID-19, requiring kids to have their own helmets, bat, glove, and more, Abington Little League applied for an equipment grant to help take the burden off the parents and league so kids could return to play ball safely.

Ben (pictured in the purple uniform) was a second year player with Abington Little League, after watching his brother play for the past couple of years. He was very excited to receive a new helmet for the season and loved getting to play ball, he even attempted kid pitch during a game for the first time. Ben’s biggest accomplishment was getting two hits in his last game of the season.

Patrick wanted to be a catcher, but the only catcher’s gear the league had was either broken or being used by other teams. His team did not have a set of catchers gear that was his size. With the donation, Patrick was able to be the catcher for all of team’s 15 games. He told his coach that was the only position he wanted to play.

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