Join us in reflecting on a remarkable evening at Citizens Bank Park, a significant event for inclusivity in sports, hosted by Pitch In For Baseball & Softball (PIFBS). The Phillies game night was more than just a match; it was a significant leap forward for a cause close to our hearts, celebrating twenty years of impactful change. This event is a fundraiser aimed at supporting our mission to eliminate equipment barriers, enabling underserved youth worldwide to play baseball and softball.

Event Recap

At Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies vs. Chicago White Sox game was set against a picturesque evening of wind and sunshine. The Phillies secured a victory with a score of 9 to 5, yet the event’s significance extended beyond the game, shining a light on the united efforts of the PIFBS community to forge new paths for youth. The collective spirit of volunteers, supporters, and athletes mirrored the fundamental values of the sport, while the debut of PIFBS’s 2024 promotional video heralded a hopeful horizon for both the organization and the young individuals it champions. Furthermore, a touching moment unfolded in the 3rd inning when Officer Raul Ortiz, who had sustained injuries in the line of duty the previous year, was celebrated as the Rothman Hometown Hero, encapsulating the community’s unwavering support and appreciation for real-life heroes off the diamond.

Fundraising Results

We’re not just talking about strikes, balls, and innings here — we are tallying the dollars and cents that are set to empower the mission at its grassroots. The generous turnout and the resounding support from sponsors, partners, and fans alike catapulted the fundraising results into the stratosphere, signifying that the mission to provide equipment for the youth in our cities is not just a feel-good story, it’s an actionable reality that gains momentum with each pitch, each dollar, and each child inspired. Hundreds of tickets sold; a grand slam indeed. For every ticket sold, three more young hearts will find the tune of the game they love, a statistic that overshadows any win-loss record.

Partnership Highlights

No event of such magnitude finds its success in solitude. The backbone of each triumph resides in the partnerships forged, and the PIFBS boasts an All-Star roster of sponsors and collaborators who lent not just their resources, but their unbridled passion to champion the cause. DJB Specialties, JTWO, Wilsons, Hanas Design, and the scents and flavors of Baseball BBQ emerged as true game-changers, elevating this event to a league of its own.

Future Opportunities

The chapter at Citizens Bank Park represents just part of a larger journey for PIFBS, focusing on a future filled with youth and promise. The success of the PIFBS Phillies event goes beyond game night excitement, highlighting the importance of unity for a shared cause. It stands as a symbol of hope, encouraging future generations to join in creating a more inclusive community through sports. Our dedication to this cause is strong, driven by a desire to make a positive impact, and supported by our community’s generosity. Let’s celebrate our progress and recognize the ongoing effort needed. Join us in making a difference and ensuring our legacy of inclusivity impacts future generations. Contribute to helping kids around the world play ball by donating at

Tell Us Your Thoughts

As we aim to improve our fundraising events, crucial for supporting our mission, we believe it’s important to involve our stakeholders. This survey seeks your insights on enhancing the guest experience at our Phillies Event and beyond. Your support is greatly valued, and we look forward to reconnecting soon! Please share your thoughts with us here — Attendee Survey