Easily donate your equipment to Pitch In For Softball

Donate for a chance to win a FREE entry to the 2020 Sparkler tournament OR a custom Wilson A2000!

Have equipment that you want to donate? Purchasing a shipping label makes it easy!

  • Select the size box(es) that best fit your needs
  • Enter your information
  • A PIFBS employee will reach out to you via email and provide you with your shipping label(s)
  • Simply print out the label(s), tape it to the box(es), and drop at your local UPS store!

Prefer to drop off your gear at this year’s Sparkler Tournament? Please drop it off at Aurora Sports Park or Christopher Fields. Donation form MUST be included to be your entry into the contest!

What can go in your box?

We have put together some sample boxes to give you an idea of what you can fit in a 20 and 50 pound box!
20 Pound Box

Option 1: 8 batting helmets, 8 gloves or 1 dozen softballs (placed in the inside of helmets)
Option 2: 4 batting helmets, 1 set of catcher’s gear, 6 gloves, 1 dozen softballs, 1 equipment bag
50 Pound Box

Option 1: 7 rows of 7 bats in each row (as shown in photo)
Option 2: 10 bats, 10 gloves, 1 set of catcher’s gear, 2 dozen softballs, 2 equipment bags


Purchase a shipping label

Here are the box sizes we recommend for shipping:
10 pound box – 10″ x 10″ x 10″
20 pound box – 20″ x 20″ x 20″
50 pound box – 36″ x 12″ x 12″ (if you’re shipping bats, this box works best)
Please read the contest rules to participate.
Questions? Contact Bri Wilson at 267-263-4069 or bri.wilson@pifbs.org

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