Dodgers Dreamteam

Equipment Inventory Checklist

Friday, September 23, 2022 – Equipment Inventory Due Date

Dodgers Dreamteam Affiliate Partner

Each Dodgers Dreamteam Affiliate Partner must ensure that at the conclusion of the Dodgers Dreamteam season, staff must fill out the Equipment Inventory as thoroughly as possible. The importance of staff filling out the Equipment Inventory correctly is to ensure that each team for the following season is equipped with an appropriate equipment kit that is available for them to use.

Important Deadlines

Equipment Inventory Preparation

  • Once your Dodgers Dreamteam season is finished, reach out to all your Dodgers Dreamteam
    coaches to return the equipment bags back to your location.
  • We recommend taking out all the equipment items from each bag that you have. This will make it easier as you fill out the Equipment Inventory.
  • After taking out all the equipment items from the bag, we recommend arranging them to their specific division.
  • Once all the equipment is laid out and arranged by division, you are ready to fill out the