About 60% of the equipment PIFBS has available to distribute comes from supportive communities like these!

  • Youth baseball/softball organizations whose communities have an abundance of equipment not being used and want to give back
  • Caring kids who love the game and want to give others a chance to play
  • Companies that want to engage their employees and communities in philanthropy


Tara Galati
John Scheffey
Shcharber Family
Brian Stewart
Sydney Parr
Daulton Zeaman
Moldovan Family
Matthew Completes PIFB’s 1st Equipment Collection Abroad
  • Tara Galati

    First-time donor Tara traveled to PIFBS' headquarters from Eastchester, New York in July. Tara had an overabundance of equipment after a collection with Rise and Grind Baseball and Team Crush Baseball, and wanted to give back to help more kids get on the field!

  • John Scheffey

    In Churchville, PA, John was clearing out space in his garage and noticed he had a lot of baseball equipment that could still be used. He decided to take the opportunity to donate to an organization who can put the equipment to good use.

  • Benjamin

    Benjamin is a 1st time donor who loves baseball and posting sports recap videos on his YouTube page. For his Mitzvah project, he wanted to help other kids have their own equipment to play ball.

  • Derek

    Derek is a first time donor from PA who wanted to give back to children in need. Derek had been collecting equipment for months from leagues located around the area, and he and his family dropped off equipment to us in July!

  • Mia

    Mia and her mom Sonya stopped by our Harleysville PA warehouse to donate equipment in July! Located in the Philadelphia area, Mia wanted to donate because she loves playing softball and wanted to help as part of her Mitzvah project.

  • Jack

    Jack has played baseball for the past 12 years and wanted to give back to kids in need of equipment. He recently ran a collection drive and dropped off 100+ pieces of equipment to our LA warehouse, including gloves, baseballs, softballs, helmets, bats, cleats, and more.

  • Sara

    A softball player for Case Batbusters 12U in Simi Valley, CA, Sara chose PIFBS for her Mitzvah project. She and her dad dropped off a great selection of equipment to our LA warehouse. She also raised over $1,000 to help kids play ball around the world!

  • Katie

    Earlier this year, Katie donated collected softball gear for PIFBS and donated tous for the third year in a row! Beginning as a school service project in 2018, Katie has collected hundreds of pieces of equipment to donate, and members of her travel team, the Lady Ravens, chipped in as well!

  • Peter

    For his Eagle Scout project, Peter cleaned out the equipment shed at his local field house & also collected over 1,500 pieces of equipment to donate! He and his father delivered the gear to us & volunteered at our Phillies Community Day Fundraiser in 2019.

  • Shcharber Family

    Based in Los Angeles, both Jake and Michael have run collections on behalf of PIFBS. On a baseball stadium tour in 2019, the Shcharber family hit the east coast and was able to stop by our PA warehouse for a visit in person.

  • Brian Stewart

    Brian Stewart has run an equipment collection drive for each of the last four years. Based in Oregon, he started off by cleaning out the equipment shed of the league he’s affiliated with, Gladstone Youth Baseball. Brian has branched out in recent years and received support from other local leagues.

  • Sydney Parr

    In 2019, University of Arkansas softball player Sydney Parr collected 33 boxes of equipment during her offseason to send to PIFBS. The donation included softball gear which helped us get equipment to teams in need.

  • Evan

    In 2018 Evan was featured on News 12 Westchester for his tremendous contributions to PIFBS. Evan had an ambitious goal to raise enough money to support an entire league. He raised about $15,000 for the City of Mount Vernon Department of Recreation’s baseball and softball teams! The donation helped 23 teams and nearly 350 kids.

  • Daulton Zeaman

    Over the years Daulton has been a key volunteer for PIFBS. Daulton found businesses to serve as collection points, and drove w/his family to do pickups and deliver equipment to our warehouses, helping nearly 100 teams around the world.

  • Moldovan-Family
    Moldovan Family

    The Moldovan Family has supported PIFBS by collecting gear since our inception. Each one of the three Moldovan kids have run a collection to support PIFBS and they have had a significant impact on our organization.

  • Haley

    Haley not only collected equipment for PIFBS, but asked friends and family to make a pledge for each batter she struck out during the season. All told, Haley raised $5,000 to help kids play ball all over the world!

  • Ian

    Ian's involvement with PIFBS began as a bar mitzvah project. Ian reached out to local Little League organizations and set up boxes in sporting goods stores and a nearby training center. The Levines estimate they collected between 60 and 70 bats, along with hats, gloves, and catchers gear. They even visited our office in PA to drop off the equipment and volunteer in the warehouse, and helped the organization during community day with the Phillies.

  • Ethan

    Ethan began collecting equipment donations back in 2014. He has donated 1-2 times per year since, working with North Wall Little League in 2017 to provide more gear.

  • Matthew Completes PIFB’s 1st Equipment Collection Abroad

    Part of the Jewish tradition of the bar and bat mitzvah, is the completion of a mitzvah project, when a young person gives back to his/her community in a meaningful way. While Matthew could have taken the easy route by starting a fundraiser to buy baseball and softball equipment for kids in need, he opted to challenge himself by starting an equipment drive in his community.

  • Emily

    Emily collected the equipment from her community in Colts Neck, New Jersey, and wanted to give back to kids who need it.